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Twirl Coffee Table

Oak, Glass

100cm x35cm

This design was inspired by a picture of a woman twirling in a dress.

I was intrigued by the shape defined by the hem of her skirt and by the sense of movement.

Could I make something of it?

I can't remember how long it took me to come up with the idea of making it the underframe for a coffee table.

Finding the right proportions and the right curvature for the legs took several days in the workshop, drawing it and re-drawing it full size.

Once the shape was settled the real head scratching began: how to make it?

Could I laminate it? Steam bend it?

In the end I opted for coopering - the technique used for making barrels.

Each leg is made of ten sections with their edges planed to an angle of 7.5° and joined together.

6 legs was too many and 4 too few: too symmetrical.

5 legs seemed to capture some of the sense of movement I started from.

Twirl#2 Coffee Table

Maple, Glass

100cm x35cm

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